Sepak takraw : Player's Attire

Player's Attire
Player's Attire


     1. All equipment used by players must be appropriate for Sepaktakraw. Any equipment that is designed to increase or reduce the speed of the ball, increase a player's height or movement or in any other way give an unfair advantage and that endangers himself/herself or other players shall not be permitted.
     2. To avoid unnecessary conflicts or confusion, two opposing teams must wear different colour jerseys.
     3. Teams must have a minimum of two sets of Jerseys/T-shirts, one light and the other dark in colour. If both teams arrive at a match dressed in Jerseys of the same colour, the home team must change. On a neutral site, the team listed first on the match program shall change.
     4. A player's attire consists of Jersey/T-shirts, shorts, socks and sport shoes with rubber soles without heels. The entire apparel of a player is regarded as part of his/her body. All Jerseys/T-shirts should be tucked in. In case of cold weather, the players are permitted to use tracksuits.

     5. All playing shirts shall be numbered on both the front and back. A player must be assigned only one (1) number (from 1 to 36) to be used throughout a tournament.

The numbers shall be not less than 19cm in height on the back, and not less than 10cm in height on the front (centre chest area).
Players' names must be placed on the back of the playing shirt above the number, and be of sufficient size to be visible on television.
Playing shirts may also carry a sponsor logo on the front of the playing shirt, subject always to the applicable tournament regulations.
No other commercial identification (other than a manufacturer logo) may appear on any player attire.

     6. The Captain of each Regu shall wear an armband of a different colour from the Jersey/T-shirt on the left arm.
     7. Any other apparel not specifically mentioned in these Rules must first receive the approval of ISTAF Technical Commission.


Reference : Department of Physical Education, Ministry of Tourism & Sports
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