Sepak takraw : Start of play and service

Start of play and service
Start of play and service


     1. Each match must be officiated by a Match Referee (stationed at one end of the net), an Assistant Match Referee (stationed opposite the Match Referees), a Court Referee (stationed behind the Match Referee), one (1) Linesman to the right of the Match Referee along the side-line, and one (1) Linesman to the right of the Assistant Match Referee along the side-line.

The Match Referee will also be supported off-court by the Official Referee.

The side which serves first will serve first for three (3) consecutive service, following which the other side will also serve for the next three (3) consecutive service.

Service will alternate thereafter every three (3) points, regardless of which side wins a point.

At deuce (when both sides reaches 14-14), the service shall alternate on every point.

The side which receives first in any set shall serve first in the subsequent set.

Players shall change sides before the start of each set.

     2. The throw must be executed as soon as the Referee calls the score. If either of the Inside players throws the ball before the Referee calls the score, it must be a re-thrown and warning given to the regu. A repetition of this act will be considered as "Fault"
     3. During the service, as soon as the Tekong kicks the ball, all the players are allowed to move about freely in their respective courts.
     4. The service is valid if the ball passes over the net, whether it touches the net or not, and inside the boundary of the two net tapes and boundary lines of the opponent's court.
     5. In a knock out system the Team do not have to play the 3rd Regu if a winner has been decided.
     6. In a league system, it is mandatory for all teams to complete the three (3) sets of Regus.


Reference : Department of Physical Education, Ministry of Tourism & Sports
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